The Town of Altavista Utilities Department strives to provide Water distribution &  Sewer collection system within and outside of the Town.  The department services include new water & sewer connections to the Town’s Utility system. The Utility Department is responsible for water meter reading, right of way clearing, maintenance of both water and wastewater plants, all pump stations, McMinnis & Reynolds springs as well as all tank sites. The Utility Department also does all Water & Sewer repairs to water & sewer lines and does preventative maintenance work on all water & sewer assets.

Contact the Director of Public Services :
Tom Fore
20 Ricky Van Shelton Drive
Hurt, VA 24563
Phone: (434) 369-5001 Ext. 161
Fax: (434) 369-4369

Or, the Public Works Manager, Jeff Arthur
1311 3rd Street
Altavista, VA 24517
Phone: (434) 369-5001 Ext. 143
Fax: (434) 369-6981

Or, the PW Administrative Assistant: Teri Anderson
1311 3rd Street
Altavista, VA 24517
Phone: (434) 369-6045 Ext. 147
Fax: (434) 369-6981