Water & Sewer

The Town of Altavista provides water and sewer services to residents and businesses within the Town. Water service may be established by setting up your account at Town Hall. New rental accounts must pay a deposit fee of $125.00 and an additional $25 application fee.  New accouts for property owners require a deposit of $50 and an additional $25 application fee.
Accounts that use more than 25,000 gallons per month are billed the first of every month. All other bills are sent quarterly. Quarterly bills are mailed January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of each year. Should you have a question regarding your bill, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 369-5001. Please keep your account current. The Town will discontinue water service for delinquent accounts. Customers must pay a $35 service fee to have service re-established once it has been cut off for non payment.

If you encounter a leak on your property, please contact a plumber to investigate the problem before calling the Town. Houses should have a shut-off valve underneath the house or in the basement. If you do not and the Town has to temporarily suspend water service, you will be charged a $25 service fee before 3:30 pm or a $50 service fee after 3:30 pm.

Please contact the Public Works Department at 369-6045 should you notice water leaks in the street, etc., or if there is a distribution system problem. If the problem occurs after hours, please call 369-4488. 

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