Altavista - Town Taxes                                    Due December 5th

The Town of Altavista bills for Personal Property Taxes and Real Estate Taxes only ONCE a year.
Town Residents are subject to both Town Taxes and County Taxes
All Real Estate and Personal Property assessments are provided by Campbell County.
Under Virginia Law, real property is assessed for the entire year in the name of the owner as of January 1st of the tax year.
**Please note:  Virginia Law requires that you be responsible for the timely payment of taxes on your property.
   (failure to receive a tax bill Does Not exempt a taxpayer from penalty or interest charges)

 - mailed to residents in October
 - due December 5th
 - late fee added December 6th
    to all unpaid tax accounts
 - interest charges begin to accrue
    each month until balance is paid in full

 - Town Hall Office
    510 Seventh Street
 - Mail Payment to
    P.O. Box 420, Altavista
 - Pay your taxes online at
    with jurisdiction code 6243